Chief Keef appeared in court in Sioux Falls, South Dakota this morning for charges dating back to June of 2017.

Sosa attended court this morning and pled ‘No Contest’ to the possession of a controlled substance, a plea which allows defendants not to admit guilt, but be treated by the courts like he did. 

Back in 2017, the Glo Gang frontman was arrested after airport security found a blunt and marijuana edibles in his bag when leaving Sioux City after a show. His lawyer had previously attempted to get the edible charges dismissed, but a judge denied the move stating the products were still a “controlled substance” not marijuana itself. He was facing up to 5 years in jail for the incident, but now will more than likely not serve any time at all. 

The details of Sosa’s plea deal are not yet public, but his No Contest plea today caused the other possession of marijuana charge to been dropped. He was given a suspended imposition of sentence, which means no charge will be entered against him as long as he does not find himself in court in Sioux Falls again for any Class 1 misdemeanours or above, which is unlikely anyway. 

He was also ordered to pay a $500 fine, $104 in court costs and $99 in testing fees. The prosecutor in the case didn’t dispute the request for suspended imposition of sentence, saying “we want Mr. Cozart to be successful” & referred to his hit ‘Don’t Like’ saying “We don’t like people bringing drugs to South Dakota.”

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