Last night, Team 600 member Memo600 posted a picture to his Instagram story alleging that he chased FBG Duck and one of his affiliates, and FBG Duck later responded completely denying the incident ever took place.

When a fan tagged FBG Duck and FBG Cash in Memo’s Instagram Story post, Cash responded and claimed the event was made-up, then Duck himself weighed in straight after that. Duck claimed Memo is “lying” and proceeded to diss Memo’s deceased brother and 600 member Lil Steve. In addition to this Duck posted a second Tweet joking that he is “Damn Near 280 Some Pounds” and would not be running from anybody.

When questioned about the alleged confrontation, Memo posted a text-chain to his Instagram story which shows somebody else talking about the incident and claiming that Duck and the other man were the ones who said they had been chased by Memo.

See all the posts from so far for yourself above. Who do you believe, Memo600 or FBG Duck?

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