Chicago’s own Tay Capone (formerly Tay600) & Memo600 recently exchanged words after Tay accused Memo of using the murder of King Von for clout.

Memo600 recorded a music video for his song ‘Duck Yo Show’ in Quando Rondo’s hometown of Savannah, Georgia recently in response to Quando’s numerous diss tracks about the situation.

Tay posted an IGTV video in response calling Memo and others “first responders of any…social media antics or internet beef”, and said if they were the ones who were killed then he knows King Von would not want to use the situation to boost his career.

Memo indirectly responded to Tay’s video in posts on Instagram and Twitter, saying “IF YO RAT ASS MISS THE TRENCHES JUST SAY THAT” and accusing Tay of “HATING”.

In response to Memo’s posts Tay went and visited the block he grew up on and posted the video to his Instagram story. In the video he walked through various recognizable parts of 600’s block and claimed not to see anybody.

He explained he made the video to combat the “false narrative” of being banned from his old hood, claiming he lived there in 2014/15 when the rift with 600 began & nobody confronted him about the snitching rumors.

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