A Chicago woman posted 3 scanned pictures on her Instagram page today which appear to be official court documents relating to Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey and Courtney ‘Cdai’ Ealy’s first appeal of their convictions for the murder of 28 year old Javan Boyd, containing alleged transcripts from their murder trial.

Although these transcripts (if legitimate) are not complete, they help to explain some of what happened at the murder trial which led to Cdai and Rondo’s incarceration.

In short, according to the limited information in the pictures in question relating to Rondo and Cdai’s appeal, a number of witness statements from females who claimed to be at the scene of the murder or with the group earlier in the day contributed to the young rappers’ convictions. Also, the basis of the pair’s first appeal is arguing that the judge at points allegedly acted as a prosecutor and “abandoned his role as a neutral arbiter”.

The topic of whether Tay600 in any way helped get Rondo and Cdai convicted is still highly debated amongst fans after many of Tay’s former associates turned on him publicly and accused him of “snitching” over the past couple of years. The only mention of Tay’s legal name in the pictures is contained in within the transcript of a testimony from a female witness named Jamie Clark, who stated at trial “that her previous statement that claimed another male named Germontay was at the scene of the crime was false”.

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