Chicago rapper and G Herbo affiliate EBK Juvie, real name Juvone Steele, was sentenced to 6 years a few days ago for an alleged 2015 shooting.

Juvie has been held for over a year with no bail, so he will likely have some time taken off his sentence and is not likely to serve the full term. He will probably serve around another 2 years in prison before being paroled to serve the second half of his sentence.

The alleged shooting happened on August 5th 2015, when Juvie allegedly opened fire on a crowd and a man was shot in his eyebrow, thigh and heel. The court showed evidence on Juvie including an Instagram video claiming he was “going to shoot someone on the 1-2-2”, which prosecutors alleged refers to 122nd street where the shooting occurred (the 12200 block of South Normal Avenue).

The victim himself did not recognise EBK Juvie, but a number of other witnesses identified him as the man who shot at the group of people.

Since he was on probation at the time of the shooting which he violated a number of times, it was expected he would receive a sentence near the higher end of the sentencing bracket. The victim made a full recovery after the incident, and Juvie was charged with aggravated battery by discharge of a firearm (by a felon).

He has now been transferred to Stateville Correctional Center to serve the remainder of his sentence.

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