After recently coming under fire from many of his former affiliates for ‘leaving them behind’, Famous Dex said he was ‘never a part of FBG’. When speaking on FBG Duck’s new diss track he denied membership and FBG Duck yesterday taunted Dex on Twitter over allegedly being ‘FBG #007’.

RapCatchUp have found photographs and posts from his and his affiliates old Twitter accounts (through a simple search of ‘black migo dex FBG’) which seem to show he was in fact a part of the Chicago-based rap group FBG (Fly Boy Gang), not to be confused with Future’s Atlanta label ‘FreeBand Gang’.

Check the posts out for yourself above, all of them are still up online and from 2013-2014 and his old Twitter accounts are: @BlackMigo_dex @10k_OsoDex

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