Lil Reese recently shared some posts on social media reacting to NoLimit Kyro’s controversial interview speaking on the biggest rappers to ever come from his hood.


NLMB Kyro’s recent 16Sh0tEmVisualz interview speaking on his NoLimit affiliates G Herbo and Lil Bibby has gained a lot of traction due to controversial comments Kyro made about what the rappers have done to help him and the people they grew up with.

On Wednesday March 16 Reese shared a post to his Instagram page which indirectly addressed the problematic comments made by Kyro, making it clear he didn’t agree with Kyro’s decision to call Herb and Bibby out publicly.

This was followed by a few Tweets the next day mentioning Herb directly and leaving no doubt about what he was referring to. He addressed Kyro indirectly saying the problem never should have been brought “to internet” & calling Kyro’s comments “hating ass s***”.

Kyro responded with an Instagram story post about the controversy he stirred up, saying he’s “GOT ALOTTA PEOPLE CRYING” & even promising to reveal more information & give people “SUM ELSE TO TALK ABOUT”.

Another NLMB member EBK Juvie backed up Kyro’s claims in responses to Reese’s tweet and our repost.