In a series of now mostly-deleted posts, NLMB’s EBK Juvie backed up NoLimit Kyro’s recent claims about G Herbo not supporting the friends he grew up with & living the life he portrays in his lyrics.


After Juvie weighed in publicly on NoLimit Kyro’s recent 16ShotEmVisualz interview with some tweets (posted in our video about Reese dissing Kyro on March 17th, G Herbo allegedly DMed Juvie and asked him to stop. This caused a reaction from Juvie, who posted a message to Herb on his Instagram story telling him to get “out [his] DM”.

Juvie also replied to our repost of Kyro’s message on Twitter, co-signing Kyro’s message and swearing it by Capo.

Juvie went on to post a couple more times on his Instagram story showing a screenshot of multiple voice notes between him and Herb in their private DMs saying he’s going to “bully” herb, and asking “Where was lil HERB 2009 😂😂😂”.

Later on the same day Juvie went live to speak again about his issues with Herb. He called Herb out for rapping about providing for their guys in jail & claimed he’s not actually doing it, & said he “never did s**t”.

Juvie also responded to people telling him to keep the problem off the internet by saying when he came home from his recent sentence he witnessed multiple rappers, such as Lil Reese, speak about their issues on the internet for everybody to see.

The following day after some posts were taken down, Juvie reacted to criticism from affiliates of his and Herb saying: “Lol dam Now I’m Da Bad Guy 😩😩😂”. Herb has yet to react publicly in any way.

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