Chicago’s Rico Recklezz clowns Lil Reese while at the Zoo with his family & speaks on his ‘Hit Em Up’ diss track and the impact it had on the scene.

He clarified that Lil Mister is still his homie but he does not like the way Mister lied on their dead affiliate Joseph ‘Lil Jojo’ Coleman after he was robbed on camera [Watch Here:], along with a list of other Chicago rappers he has no issue with. Rico also posted about Ayoo KD again saying KD has blocked him on all social networks after the pair’s argument over the diss track the other day [Watch Here:].

Rico went on to tweet that the diss track was not 100% serious and he didn’t expect so many rappers to ‘take it to heart’, saying he “likes [the] Chicago rappers” and just wanted the scene to be more active. See all the posts above.


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