Chicago artist Rico Recklezz yesterday previewed his remix to FBG Duck’s breakout hit ‘Slide’, which ruffled some feathers in the Fly Boy Gang camp.

In the song, previewed by Rico in an Instagram Live broadcast, Recklezz can be heard dissing FBG Duck’s recently deceased brother who was known as FBG Brick.

FBG Cash was the first to respond to the lyrics of the song, responding to Rico via his Instagram story, promising to “beat” Rico’s “ass”. Billionaire Black also responded indirectly on his Instagram story. FBG Duck has initially chosen not to respond to his former affiliate, posting on Twitter:

@FBG_DUCK: “Im Counting Money, Doing Shows Every Week & Staying Lit Wit My Fans & Taking Care Of My Family… F*** What A Broke Ass N**** Talking About Rn”

It’s unclear whether or not the FBG/CloutBoyz camp willl choose to respond to Rico on wax.

Twitter: @RICO_RECKLEZZ @FBG_DUCK @Billion_Ballout @RealFBGCash
Instagram: @RicoRecklezz075 @real_fbgduck063 @billy_black4 @real_fbgcash063

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