Social media personality Boonk yesterday called out YBN’s Lil E after claiming he was attacked by him over a despite over an un-named female.

Boonk posted videos about the alleged incident to his Instagram story, and also posted a number of screenshots of conversations (with both YBN Nahmir and YBN Lil E). Boonk claimed Lil E hit him “in the head and ran” and then would not return to sort out whatever issue the pair had between them.

Lil E, a former SODMG affiliate, on the other hand claimed to have pulled back up to the area as Boonk was arranging with YBN Nahmir, and he posted a video of what he said was Boonk’s white BMW truck leaving the scene pursued by LIl E’s affiliates. Lil E later addressed all of Boonk’s claims in an Instagram live broadcast (@1:02). Boonk himself even popped up on the Live chat section of the broadcast, but Lil E denied his requests to join the live video and say his piece. Boonk later deleted all of his story posts about the incident.

Instagram: @boonkgang @YBN_LILe

Check out all the footage and video for yourself above. Who’s side of the story do you believe? Don’t forget to join the conversation below if you have anything to say.

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