Brooklyn rap artists Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow have been charged in a new  “140-Count gang murder conspiracy” case.

Watch Footage of Sheff G being arrested and transported to face the new charges here:

Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzales has charged the 2 rappers along with 30 other men, allegedly affiliated with “8 Trey Crips & 9 Ways” in the indictment.

The men are accused of using “stolen cars” to commit gang-related shootings in order to eliminate their local “rivals”, which are said to include “Folk Nation Gangster Disciples & ICG Babiez”.

Sheff G is currently incarcerated on an unconnected firearm case, and was due to be released from behind bars at some point this year before these new revelations.

*UPDATE* Sleepy Hallow has now responded to being charged alongside Sheff G, claiming they’re “INNOCENT”:

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