In a recent interview with XXL, Florida’s Smokepurpp spoke on the origins of his and Lil Pump’s ‘Esketit’ ad-lib, and confirmed it has roots in Chicago’s drill music scene.

XXL asked Smokepurpp directly about the ad-lib, which has become almost a catchphrase for him and Lil Pump since their rise to fame early this year. Some affiliates of Chicago rapper Lil jay previously accused the pair of adopting one of Lil Jay’s most popular ad-libs and attempting to make it their own without crediting it’s roots. Although Lil Jay contributed to popularizing the term, it’s important to know that the phrase ‘let’s get it’ did not originate with him and was and is still a popular phrase within drill music.

Chief Keef can be heard using the phrase ‘Let’s get it’ in a number of his early songs, and even as recently as in his new song ‘Text’ taken from his ‘Dedication’ mixtape. Lil Durk occasionally still uses the ad-lib himself and says it numerous times in his song ‘Right Here’ from 2012. Countless other Chicago rappers use the phrase ‘Let’s get it’ in their songs and have going back as far as 2011 and possibly even earlier.

Smokepurpp admitted him and Lil Pump grew up listening to Chicago drill music, and adapted the phrase to their own ‘Esketit’ after copying popular Chicago rappers saying ‘let’s get it’.
Most fans of Chicago rap will be happy to hear Smokepurpp admit this, as many of the so-called ‘New-Wave’ rappers have denied influence from the Chicago scene despite adopting similar styles and terminology (such as ‘Thot’ & ‘Opps’).

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