Soulja Boy’s never-ending list of antics this year have kept him close to headlines in the rap news world, but his latest move has many questioning his motives. The rapper posted two images to his Instagram claiming to have Quavo’s ‘QC’ chain and even asking the Migos rapper to ‘come get it’, before he was exposed for posting old pictures and lying once again.

The images he posted were from a number of weeks ago while he was in the company of Migos’ QC label mate Jose Guapo. He took a picture wearing the chain and a picture of it in his hand, then kept the pictures back in order to use them in a publicity stunt later on.

The stunt got many talking but quickly backfired on the ‘Crank That’ rapper when Jose Guapo himself and a number of other people exposed that the chain belonged to Jose Guapo and that Quavo had not been robbed for it. Quavo posted a short video of his jewellery to his Instagram page later on in the day to confirm that the robbery was completely fabricated.

What do you think of this latest ploy for attention by Soulja Boy? Do you think he’s smart to keep his name around controversial issues or do you think lying about entire situations could land him in trouble?

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