Brooklyn, NY’s 6IX9INE (Tekashi69), known for his 2017 hits ‘GUMMO’ & ‘KOODA’, once again fuelled his ongoing beef with Staten Island, NY rapper Squidnice a couple of days ago by posting an old video of Squidnice being bettered in a fight.

The pair have had long-running beef based around 6iX9INE’s controversial criminal charges relating to sexual conduct with a minor a couple of years ago. 6IX9INE re-ignited the beef when the old video was posted of Squidnice, and Squid replied via his Instagram and Instagram story.

He spoke on the issue of 6iX9INE’s charges and even at one point posted what is reported to be paperwork related to the criminal case in question, even posting what is allegedly a statement from 6IX9INE about the situation to the courts.

At one point during the pair going back and forth fellow rapper Trippie Redd responded to the video on 6IX9INE’s story with a laughing-face emoji, which 6IX9INE then posted online. This confused some fans who knew Trippie and Squidnice had previously been associated with eachother, but Trippie quickly cleared any misunderstanding up by stating he “just thought it was funny”.

See all the posts from the past few days relating to the pair’s beef above.

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