Chicago rappers Lil Mister, Rico Recklezz, G Herbo, Lil Bibby, Tay600, Memo600 & KuGlo Lil Sam react to Rico Recklezz and Lil Misters scuffle inside a store in Chicago on New Year’s Eve.

Lil Bibby spoke about the scrap in a short video after viewing our post of the fight on Instagram (@RapCatchUp). Lil Mister spoke about the incident later after may other rappers weighed in with their 2 cents, and Rico Recklezz responded to Lil Bibby and G Herbo’s comments in the Instagram comments section. Recklezz claims he was not attempting to fight Mister, but slap him to teach him a lesson as they have previously been friends. Tay600, Memo600 & KuGlo Lil Sam also spoke on the incident yesterday via their Instagram pages.

See all the posts from so far above. Who do you think came off better in the short clip of the fight that is available to view? Watch the clip on our Instagram HERE:

New YouTube rules mean we now have to censor Curse words in our YouTube Videos now, we don’t like doing this as much as you don’t like censored content but it’s currently our only way of providing the content you want, so sorry in advance.

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