Despite both at one point being associated with Team 600, Dotarachi (aka S.Dot) & Memo600 were at each other’s necks today after a long running issue boiled over onto the internet.

On Twitter Dot mocked Memo over his OTF 600 chain landing in the hands of their street rivals which triggered a response from Memo, who claimed he was the reason Dot “STOP[PED] CLAIMING 600”.

After exchanging some tweets S.Dot went live on his page a couple of times speaking on Memo, saying he’s had enough of Memo talking about him on the net & bringing up a number of different situations from the past.

Check all the posts out for yourself above. Important parts from S.Dot’s Live start @1:50.

Twitter: @Dotarachi @SteveDriveMemo
Instagram: @Dotarachi @Memofrm600