The Chicago rapper formerly known as Tay600 has had his dreadlocks cut off in jail where he is currently being held for criminal contempt of court.

Whoever is controlling his Twitter page (@TaySixO) and his sister MenaRed posted a video to Twitter showing Tay’s long dreadlocks removed and in a plastic bag. It’s unclear whether he, real name Germontay Carpenter, removed the dreadlocks by choice, but in some cases dreadlocks are removed in jail due to the difficulty of drying them after showering without rotting.

More than one member of Team600 has now made it clear that they do not want Tay to be known by his former name due to the snitching controversy surrounding Tay600 and the RondoNumbaNine/Cdai case, it is unclear what name he will choose to go by when he is released from jail.

See the video and some fan reactions above.

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