Former 600 affiliates Tay600 and Edai once again clashed on Twitter yesterday after Edai replied to a fan’s comment about Tay’s new mixtape.

Tay replied to Edai’s comment mocking Tay’s ‘6ixOfEm’ mixtape saying fans would ‘Rather Listen’ to him and 600Breezy, then claimed that Edai’s mixtape should be performing better due to having the Team600 label and the rest of 600 behind him.

Edai at one point claimed that Tay did not own one piece of jewellery worth over $1000, and Tay said his 800,000 views on ‘6ixOfem’ speak for themselves. Edai replied that he is “Not Impressed” with views and judges musical success by record sales.

The pair continued their dispute publicly via their Twitter accounts, see all the relevant posts above.

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