After Fly Boy Gang’s Billionaire Black released a new diss track aimed at former JojoWorld affiliate Rico Recklezz, Rico replied on social networking pages & the pair began dissing each other again.

Rico posted once about Billionaire on Instagram and Twitter, afterwards choosing to delete his Instagram post, but you can see it above. Underneath the post Rico responded to a fan who claimed P.Rico was the only rapper he was around in 2012 who hasn’t switched up on him due to success. He also said that FBG Duck has “talent” and he wants him to “make it” but the rest of FBG “need to give it up”.

Billionaire responded via his Instagram story and an Instagram Live broadcast calling Rico out and even playing the new diss track (@3:40).

See all the posts for yourself above, and let us know what you think of this latest beef below.

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