Tay600 and his former affiliate Edai (who now goes by Big Koopa) argued once again yesterday [10.4.17] on Twitter after Tay replied to a days-old post by Edai once again branding him a “snitch”.

After saying a few weeks ago that he was done beefing with his former friends, Tay was baited into responding a number of times when the pair exchanged words on Twitter. Edai accused Tay of once being robbed for his “fake chain” and a gun by an unknown individual, and Tay disputed this claim to which Edai responded Tay600 was lying and swearing on Leonard ‘L’A Capone’ Anderson’s name.

Tay responded to Edai by referencing his now infamous mistake when speaking about L’A Capone to DJVlad of VladTV in an earlier interview, wherein he claimed L’A Capone “came around” him in 2014 (when L’A died in 2013). He later spoke down on Edai’s mother, and Edai claimed Tay600 used to get “sent to the store” by other members of their gang when they were growing up.

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