Chicago Rapper TTB Nez went Live on his Instagram account yesterday wearing an OTF/600 chain which an affiliate of his known as Drilla says belongs to Memo600.

The rapper, who has posted numerous diss tracks about the 600 & 300 groups, went live on his Instagram account (@TTBNEZ39) sporting the chain which reads ‘OTF 600BOYZ4EVA‘. Although the chain is similar to Lil Durk’s basic OTF (Only The Family) chain, it is a variation with the added ‘600BOYZ4EVA’ part which Durk gifted to various 600 members who signed to OTF.

Nez himself did not say who the chain belonged to or how he came into possession of it, but an affiliate of his and fellow rival rapper to Memo named Drilla (051) claimed the chain belonged to Memo600 on his Instagram page (@0:39). Nez claimed there’s no way the chain will be returned to its original owner, and also attempted to prove the chain was 100% legitimate by showing off the tag on the rear from the manufacturers Shyne Jewelers.

At time of writing nobody affiliated with OTF, including Memo, has so far made any comment about the chain or how their rivals got their hands on it.

[Beat: @KadmaBeats,]

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