Broward County, FL’s XXXTentacion was sucker punched and knocked out while on stage performing at Observatory North Park in San Diego yesterday & his fans started a riot outside the venue afterwards.

While performing his track ‘Garette’s Revenge’, an unknown male managed to get on to the stage and sucker punch X from the side. As soon as he did this the stage erupted in chaos, with members of X’s entourage jumping in and attacking the man who hit X and security scrambling to get a hold of the situation. X himself was left knocked out on the stage while this all unfurled and was later carried off by security.

XXXTentacion later returned to the stage and announced that security were “making” him leave because of what happened and the fact he was “not safe”. Fans started to react inside the venue and this turned to almost a full scale riot outside the building with police struggling to maintain control.

According to local news station Fox 5 San Diego, a man was stabbed at the concert, and X claims this man was the man who tried to attack him on stage, claiming he left with ‘multiple stab wounds’. X spoke briefly on Twitter about the incident, explaining he believes the venue owners and security team conspired with rival rapper Rob Stone to let what happened to him happen.

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