NBA Youngboy recently dropped a song titled ‘Bring The Hook’ from his upcoming album ‘Colors’ which contains the lyrics “O-Block pack get rolled up” indirectly referencing King Von‘s passing at the hands of Quando Rondo’s NBA-affiliated crew.


Lil Reese was the first to break his silence after the diss, quote Tweeting DJ Akademiks hyping up YB’s new single & saying YB is “just rapping like the rest of these rappers rap”.

NLE Choppa also publicly responded to Lil Reese’s comment and agreed with him.

Memo600 then weighed in, calling Youngboy an “INFORMANT” & saying he won’t be beefing with YB because YB is “FRESH OUT THE FEDS” (meaning was just in Federal custody).

Lil Durk indirectly responded later via a post alongside a King Von photo Instagram & caption which read: “Don’t claim it if you ain’t do it you still a b*tch”.

Durk’s post was also re-shared by Fredo Bang and O-Block’s Boss Top, among others.

OTF’s DJ Bandz and Doodie Lo also responded to the lyrics through tweets of their own.