Young Chop took an Uber ride to what he thought was 21 Savage’s hood in Atlanta claiming to be looking for the rapper early Sunday morning [4/5/2020], and after a while of broadcasting his search his car was hit with a number of shots by an unknown shooter.

The incident itself was not captured on video, but Chop has saved the Live broadcasts from before and just after the alleged shooting up on his Instagram page. At first he showed himself travelling through parts of what he said was 21 Savage’s hood in Atlanta, questioning locals where 21 was and even telling them to tell 21 to “stop hiding”.

Chop showed himself knocking on doors in the area and even speaking on Bankroll Fresh while in a local convenience store (@1:34). After taking a ride through and questioning a few locals he decided he’d proved his point and told the Uber driver to take him home. At this point he cut his live off, then after a short time went live again (@3:03) and revealed his Uber had been shot at when he attempted to leave. Chop and the driver were unharmed, and the windows of the Uber were shattered by bullets (@3:33).

After leaving the Uber Chop laughed about the incident and told 21 he “needs some better shooters”, before letting Lil Reese join his Live and filling him in on what happened.

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