Members of SniperGang and Never Broke Again collided yesterday after Kodak Black made a comment about NBA Youngboy’s girlfriend Iyanna Mayweather & the stabbing incident she was involved with on Saturday.

Iyanna Mayweather, daughter of Floyd Mayweather, was arrested for stabbing a female at NBA Youngboy’s residence in Texas in the early hours of Saturday morning. Kodak, who must have heard news of the incident in prison, made a post calling YB out for “fully cooperating” with authorities who attended the scene, which cased a reaction from Youngboy.

Youngboy was angered by Kodak’s suggestion that he went against Iyanna and led to her arrest, and showed her in the background of his video to prove he was still in her corner. He went on to suggest Yak was “hating on” him, and directly dissed SniperGang’s Jackboy for making the post on Kodak’s page.

Jackboy responded to YB on Instagram live, claiming Youngboy is the breadwinner of NB and is providing for the others & mocking NBA Ben10. Ben10 responded via his own IG live, detailing the cars and jewellery he owns.

Somebody then made another post for Kodak on his page, where he talked about Youngboy again calling him “my youngest son” & mocked him for copying his style and even his dance moves. Youngboy’s final response suggested Kodak was “clout chasing” and said “you can’t get no more attention”.

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