600 affiliate and rapper D.Rose recently lost his appeal for the alleged February 2014 killing of Venzel Richardson. (Apologies for name Typo on 1st slide)

The basis of Rose’s appeal was the fact that the trial court allegedly made a mistake by letting fellow 600 members Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey and Courtney ‘Cdai’ Ealy’s names be brought up during his trial, and by overruling objections from the defence on this topic.

Rose’s team argued that the 2 rappers’ names being brought upon could be prejudicial, considering they had been charged with murder themselves just 2 months prior to D.Rose’s trial. Also, they argued that an “inadmissible out-of-court identification” by the mother of one of the eyewitnesses led to an officer creating a photo array containing Rose’s mugshot.

The State responded by claiming Rondo and Cdai were relevant to the investigation because they were stopped by Police with Rose the day before the alleged killing in a van in which witnesses said resembled the one used in the shooting. They also argued argued that Rondo & CDai’s names were brought up to eyewitnesses in order to prove that they would recognize them as being present on the night of the shooting and to rule them out as suspects.
The state also argued that the detective who created the photo array did not testify to any identification by the eyewitnesses’ mother. The court was “not persuaded” by Rose’s arguments on appeal, and affirmed his conviction and sentence.

Rose was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the alleged February 2014 killing back in 2017, and appealed the conviction later that year. He was a known face in the Chicago drill scene despite not taking rapping seriously, and was close with Chief Keef & Fredo Santana (RIP) among others. Rose, real name Abhir Sardin, will now continue to serve the rest of his sentence in the Illinois Department of Corrections, where he is currently being housed.

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