Juice WRLD is being sued for 15 Million dollars by punk/pop band Yellowcard, over allegedly stealing melodies from their 2006 song ‘Holly Wood Died’.

Juice WRLD (left, via @XXL), Yellowcard (right)

The band are asking for more than $15M in damages, as well as past and future royalties for the song due to the “overwhelming success” of Juice’s ‘Lucid Dreams‘, the song which they claim launched his career and provided him with worldwide touring opportunities.

The song’s producer Nick Mira is also named on the lawsuit, as well as his production company head Taz Taylor & their respective publishing companies and record labels. The suit argues that Juice is likely to have heard the song, given he previously stated his love for Fall Out Boy’s 2005 album ‘Under the Cork Tree‘ which featured production from the same producer who produced ‘Holly Wood Died’.

This is the second legal issue brought up over ‘Lucid Dreams’, after Sting famously threatened legal action and was rewarded with 85% of all royalties due to a non-cleared sample from his 1993 song ‘Shape of My Heart‘. Follow us @RapCatchUp for Updates.