Tekashi in Court

Daniel ‘Tekashi 6IX9INE’ Hernandez was just sentenced to 24 months in prison + 5 years of supervised release, despite becoming a government informant and taking down most members of the gang he claimed just a year ago.  

Most of the rapper’s fans expected him to be released due to bad news reporting from various sources about the possibility of him being released on ‘time served’ for the year he’s already spent locked up. While this was a possibility, this was the best possible case scenario that his team were pushing for, and did not end up being a reality.

In court today [12/18/19] Judge Engelmayer refused to accept Tekashi’s claims of being “brainwashed” and a victim thought out the whole Tr3yway saga, refuting that most of the incidents would have never taken place if it were not for him being a part of the gang.  He said that before 6IX9INE’s involvement, the gang were not “shooting at rapper’s entourages” and engaging in other criminal activity relating to promoting his image. 

He sentenced him to 24 months (2 years) in prison, along with 5 years of supervised release and ordered him to attend 300 hours of community service and pay a $35,000 fine. People serving federal sentences like 6IX9INE are expected to spend 80% of their sentence in prison, and the rest on parole or house arrest. The year he’s already spent in jail will more than likely be taken off the 24 month sentence, which leaves him with around 80% of the next year to serve in prison, meaning he’ll likely be released in the winter holiday period of 2020