Former 600 affiliates Tay Capone (formerly known as Tay600) and Edai (aka Big Koopa) once again found themselves clashing in public on Twitter recently after Edai responded to a fan’s comment about Tay.

Edai claimed Tay would “run” if the pair ever bumped into each other, and Tay responded angrily on Twitter the next day. He continued his campaign against Edai by posting ‘#TruckDriverK‘ & making claims about Team 600 hanging with snitches despite their ‘#SnitchK campaign, saying: “They love snitches“.

The next day Edai replied, saying: “Maybe u should drive trucks I find it disturbing u a grown ass man still living with your mom” & saying he’d “beat tha DOG S***” out of Tay if they had a fist fight. This triggered a response from Tay, who accused Edai of not taking care of his own family and called him a “Twitter comedian”, claiming he’d ended his rap career. Check all the posts from the pair’s back & forth above.

Twitter: @AlmightyKoop @TaySixO

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