6IX9INE & his Tr3yWay Ent. artist Alshawn Martin yesterday once again bumped heads with Compton rapper and YG affiliate Slim 400.

6IX9INE posted a video when he first got to Los Angeles (allegedly early in the morning), telling fans to “grab [their] popcorn” and “sodas”, implying he knew his presence would cause controversy after his previous visit.

Slim 400 posted a video the very next day at the same location 6IX9INE recorded his first video, claiming Tekashi69 is hiding and trolling.

6iX9INE didn’t respond to Slim himself, but an artist named Alshawn Martin from 6IX9INE’s Tr3yWay Ent. camp replied to Slim 400. He posted a number of photos with reputed LA gang members and asked Slim to pull up “on Hoover street” and “stop acting like he’s hiding”. Later he posted a video in a music studio spinning 6IX9INE’s infamous spinning ’69’ piece, then a screenshot of Slim 400’s profile after he was allegedly blocked by him.

Slim 400 didn’t respond to Alshawn but did reply to a couple of fans who questioned his recent visit to NY. He said there was an unspoken reason why 6iX9INE took down his earlier video in LA and claimed none of his posts in New York were pre-recorded and posted at a later date like 6IX9INE’s.

The beef continued on into the next day, when Slim400 once again asked 6IX9INE to meet up to handle the issues they have with each other. Tekashi is yet to respond publicly,

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