Former friends 6IX9INE (Tekashi69) & Trippie Redd once again turned on each other yesterday after 6IX9INE took a disliking to Trippie Redd claiming he “made” him.

The pair exchanged words in a number of Instagram videos which have since been deleted. 69 was indirect in his initial video but addressed his issues with Trippie more directly in his second video after Trippie’s first response. They argued about who had the most platinum and gold certified records, and Trippie claimed he needs “credit where it’s due” for giving 69 “the light of day”.

6IX9INE denied Trippie Redd makes 10% off of his music as he had previously claimed, claimed the idea for ‘Dark Knight Dummo’ came from his song ‘Gummo’ & even got more personal, calling his girl a “thot” and saying she “wants to f*** [him]”. He also claimed Trippie’s best songs are all features and his solo music is not as good.

Trippie assured his fans he does get 10% of what 6IX9INE makes by way of a “finder’s fee” from his record label. He also said that if the pair were to meet up 6IX9INE would be scared to fight him.

See all of the since-deleted posts above. Who do you believe?

Instagram: @6IX9INE_ @TrippieRedd

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