6IX9INE (aka Tekashi69) once again dissed follow New York rapper Casanova yesterday after Casanova was reportedly shot at while recording a Music Video in Brooklyn.

6IX9INE reposted an Instagram Live broadcast from one of Casanova’s affiliates to his Instagram feed, in which Casanova and a group of friends can be seen standing on the block recording a Music Video before shots ring out in the background.

In the caption for said post he mocked Casanova with his own lyrics from ‘Don’t Run’, claimed he couldn’t “even shoot a music video in Brooklyn”, and tagged Charlamagne The God and Joe Budden, who famously down-talked Tekashi previously. He also asked his fans to go and drop ‘L’ comments on Casanova’s page.

Casanova responded via two posts to his Instagram page (@Casanova _2x), in which he called 6IX9INE a “rapist” and claimed he didn’t care about catching ‘L’s “on the internet”. In the second post he claimed people like 6IX9INE “discredit real n****s that really put in work” and said if they bump heads he is “gonna give [him] a hug” because he needs that “more than a slug”.

Later that day 6IX9INE posted his own video to Instagram wherein he carried on coming for Casanova, quoting numerous bars from ‘Don’t Run’ and mocking his crew for the earlier video shoot interruption. Rumour has it that the pair’s entourages even bumped into each other outside the venue for the Adrien Broner/Jessiue Vargas fight and some outlets have reported that a shot was fired by a member of 6IX9INE’s entourage.

Instagram: @6IX9INE_ @Casanova_2x

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