New York rappers and former 6IX9INE affiliates ZillaKami & Sosmula of City Morgue today accused Trippie Redd of biting their new scar tattoos that go vertically through their right eyes.

Trippie got the tattoo recently from tattoo artist Nayr Tattoos (@nayr_tattoos) and images and videos of it circulated on social networks today [4/10/2018]. Zillakami, who got a very similar tattoo around 10 days ago, reacted angrily to a video he saw, claiming as an artist you have to remember “someone with more is gonna copy what u do and take credit” for it if you have any degree of influence. He referenced 6IX9INE making his rainbow grillz famous & even said “4 of my songs”, possibly referring to songs like ‘Hellsing Station’ and ‘YOKAI’ that he made with 6IX9INE and has since had his name and all details removed from.

Zillakami & Sosmula claim there is a deeper meaning behind their scar tattoos; saying they got them to show support to their dead friend who had a scar in a similar place and “hated it” (@1:22).Trippie told a similar story about the origin of and meaning behind his scar tattoo, saying he got it as a dedication to his deceased brother who died in a car accident and had a scar in the same place (@4:00).

Sosmula and Zilla posted multiple times to their Instagram stories about Trippie, clearly strongly believing he took inspiration from their tattoos. They even claimed they knew he was a fan of their music before this incident, and even accused him of attempting to wear similar clothes as the City Morgue camp (@2:44). Trippie responded to his fans and explained that there is real meaning behind his tattoo and claiming he did not run off with the idea for it.

Do you think Trippie stole the idea, or do you think it’s a coincidence? Or do you think it doesn’t matter since everybody in this generation appears to take influence from eachother? Don’t forget to join the conversation below if you have anything to say.

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