Glo Gang’s Tadoe ended up bumping heads with 6IX9INE (Tekashi69) yesterday over his one-time girlfriend and Dallas, TX rapper Cuban Doll (Cuban Da Savage).

6iX9INE posted a video of himself arguing on FaceTime with the original GBE member last night (which he since deleted). Tekashi claimed the dispute was over Tadoe asking him to delete Cuban Doll’s number after 6IX9INE joined her public Instagram Live broadcast. In the video Tadoe is clearly angered and 6IX9INE and his homie are mocking him. The caption posted with the video read:

6ix9ine_: “Everybody know Cuban is my little me [Rainbow Emoji] N****s like this I don’t like. @cubanndasavage keep your head up I got love for you !!”

Cuban Doll then posted a short Boomerang video of herself with a bruised eye on Tadoe’s Instagram profile (@tadoe_dagloden1), which was quickly deleted. She later went live and explained her side of the situation, and the next day posted 2 photos alongside 6IX9INE. Tadoe is yet to publicly comment on her accusations. 

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