After breaking up with his girlfriend SoDorielle, Ayoo KD has been caught on camera crying over her again. In addition to this he was caught out lying on his deceased mother to save his reputation, claiming he was mourning her death on Mother’s day when the photo was taken.

We originally posted the screenshot of Ayoo KD crying on Instagram (@RapCatchUp) [via @g_nuski] and he DM’ed us asking us to remove the post because he was crying “over [his] mom on Mother’s Day”. We later uncovered the full screenshot the image was taken from, which clearly exposes his lie.

A different source sent us photos of Dorielle’s posts about KD the previous day, but we initially decided not to post these, including one about Ayoo KD buying views for his YouTube videos. After he approached us and we told him we would not remove the post, we posted these screenshots to provide our followers with more proof of his falling out with his ex-girl. He claimed these posts were “fake” in our comments section, at which point we blocked him to stop him disrespecting our brand.

We have now uncovered further proof of Ayoo KD buying YouTube views, with entire conversations with companies and services which offer fake Youtube views, comments and likes. See the conversations for yourself above, more will be released soon.

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