Audio of Cdai’s lawyer speaking on his behalf at a 2019 appellate court date recently surfaced, revealing his lawyer’s strategy to get his charged reversed was similar to RondoNumbaNine’s, which caused controversy when it was made public last year.


This audio clip, taken from Cdai’s 2019 appeal against his conviction, is available to listen to in full online by searching the date of the appeal (05/07/2019) on the Appellate Court Argument Audio page of the official Illinois Government website [].

The clip shows that both the 600 rapper’s lawyers were using similar appeal strategies to attempt to get their client out, and it was not a case of Rondo attempting to separate himself from his codefendant because he believed he had a better chance of being released, as some people believed. Both attorneys did their best to formulate an appeal strategy which would be the best for their clients based on the evidence, and since neither co-operated against each other at trial, nothing said on appeal can be used against either of them.

Cdai originally made claims about Rondo throwing him “under the bus” back in September of last year (2020), after misunderstanding the meaning of the appeal put forward by Rondo’s attorney. Just a month later at the end of October, Cdai took back his previous comments and told his fans to stop accusing Rondo of snitching. He explained via a phone call from behind bars that nothing Rondo says at appeal can actually harm his case, as Rondo did not co-operate against him during the trial when the pair were codefendants.

You can listen to Cdai explaining the change of heart here: He went on to explain the pair are still cool, but some fans on the internet ran with the rumor and persisted with accusations against Rondo. This audio clip explains why the pair remained cool after Cdai’s accusations.

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