Chicago’s FBG Duck recently went live on his instagram account (@real_FBGDuck063) and spoke on reactions to his new song and music video ‘Chicago Legends’.

In the song, he paid his respects to a number of his fallen rapper associates, including Lil Mister, Smylez, Young Pappy, Lil Marc, Dooski and Lil Jojo. He also surprisingly paid his respects to rappers from the other side of the ongoing gang conflicts on the Southside, naming the late OTF Nunu, L’A Capone and Fredo Santana. Reactions to the song varied online due to this decision, with most drill music fans approving the song but some people closer to the gang disputes disagreeing with the choice to pay respects to people like L’A and Nunu, who Duck has previously dissed.

Duck went live to explain his reasoning behind the song and respond to the negative comments around it. He said that his decision was motivated by the younger generation and older people being caught up in Chicago gang violence, and went on to say any movement for peace will start with the big artists who already have voices that are listened to by millions of people. He name dropped Lil Durk, Chief Keef & G Herbo as some of these big “voices” & claimed their music along with his own is a cause of some of the violence in Chicago. He also proposed a situation where he would be down to speak to Lil Durk & avoid conflict at any future musical events for business purposes, stating that as the reason he cannot currently perform at Summer Jam and other big hiphop events.

Duck also repeated the fact that the song is not an offer of friendship or a sign of him wanting to squash ongoing street issues, just a move made out of maturity and a step towards a more harmonious Chicago music scene. What do you think of Duck’s decision to release ‘Chicago Legends’?

[Footage owned by Duck, Captured by ‘Drill Content’ on YouTube:, Beat by @ELFOnTheBeatMG,]