LA rapper and former signee to Tr3yway Entnertainment Alshawn Martin has announced that he’s no longer a part of the label and is selling his Tr3yway chain & pendant.

Tr3yway Ent., 6IX9INE’s infamous label headed by former friend Shotti who he fell out with just before his arrest, was working with a few artists before Shotti and 6IX9INE’s indictment, including Fetty Wap & SkinnyFrmDa9. Alshawn is a Hoover Crip-associated LA rapper who joined the movement in early 2018 and happily repped the group up until yesterday night.

He posted 2 videos to Instagram with accompanying negative captions detailing a disagreement with Label owner Shotti. He claims Shooting had some of his music pulled from Streaming sites, and is “IN JAIL TRYING TO KEEP HOLD” of him.

Alshawn goes on to flaunt his orange Tr3yway piece and claim he’s offering it to the highest bidder saying “I am not tr3yway no more [EMOJI] I Have my own label” and “I SEE WHY @6ix9ine DON’T F*** WITH HIM”.

Do you think Alshawn is right to react this way? Or do you think he should have been smarter about signing to people he did not know that well?

Instagram: @AlshawnMartin

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