16 hours of XXXTentacion’s jail phone conversations leaked online recently and his dedicated fan base unearthed some interesting information regarding the domestic abuse accusations he faced during his life. Today clips of the audio recordings have surfaced that appear to line up with X’s denial of the beating of his pregnant ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala, suggesting that she may not have been pregnant in the first place.

The alleged assault on Geneva on October 6 2016 when she claimed to be pregnant was one of the main reasons behind negative public opinion of XXXTentacion. In the slightly distorted audio clips X can be heard repeatedly denying the claims and saying he “never put his hands on” Geneva, speaking to his friends and mother about the whole situation and discussing alleged evidence of her lying about being pregnant with his child.

X himself can be heard openly admitting he was the reason behind Geneva being beaten up, but says he did not do it himself, saying that some of his female friends jumped her when she had him arrested (“roped”) and put into a “mental asylum”. Later X speaks further about the “paperwork” said to prove Geneva was never pregnant, which was reportedly a medical report from when she was assaulted.

At one point he thanks his mother Cleopatra for helping him look into the situation, saying: “I love you and appreciate you, and you were right…you was dead right. That lil’ girl was a hoe”. You can hear some important parts of the leaked footage in the video above. Who’s side of the story do you believe?

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