In a new interview with the AllForTheCulture Show on YouTube, Leonard ‘L’A Capone’ Anderson’s Mom spoke on L’A and Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey’s relationship and claimed they were not in fact best friends as many fans believe.

Dedra Morris aka Momma Capone insists that despite appearing close in their many collaborative music videos, RondoNumbaNine and L’A Capone were more like “rap buddies” and she does not think that they were best friends.

She claimed to have seen L’A around JB Binladen, Tay600, JusBlow and Booka600 more than Rondo, and said that Tay and JB were a lot closer to L’A than Rondo was. She went on to explain that Rondo and L’A appeared close because they “came from the same area” and “hung with the same people”.

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