Chicago rapper and Fly Boy Gang member Wooski was shot today [10/22/2018] alongside a number of other people while attending a funeral arrangement for a friend.

Initial reports have claimed multiple people were injured after somebody began shooting at the funeral proceedings. Details around the situation are yet to fully leak, but Wooski was not killed as first reported by some outlets. He was attending a friend’s funeral, a fellow Chicago rapper known as Dooski The Man, when he was hit with bullets an unknown number of times, including at least once in the head.

Gruesome footage leaked online of the rapper with a clear head wound bleeding heavily on the floor, and a number of witnesses who identified Wooski helped to spread the untrue rumour of his death.

Somebody close to him posted to his Instagram account and story soon afterwards to stop rumours of his murder, saying:

“Wooski is good yall! Thanks for y’all prayers. He is up talking! [EMOJI]”

The rapper’s highest performing song ‘Computers Remix’ is an infamous diss track which has amassed over 7 Million views on YouTube.

** UPDATE** FBG Duck has posted on Instagram saying that Wooski is not dead: **UPDATE**

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