Chicago rapper & Fly Boy Gang member Cash (aka FBG Cash, Cashout063) recently revealed that he was sucker punched during a visit to Atlanta’s Lenox Mall.

While being recorded listening to a fan rap for him in the mall, Cash was hit in the side of the head by an unknown man who was reportedly part of a larger group.

Cash posted footage of part of the incident on his Instagram page, with a caption saying: “Like 20 N****s Pushed Up On Me In Lennox Mall Today Right After I Left Da Jewelry Store [Laughing emoji] Why They Runnin Tho? They Ain’t Run My Pockets 6k And I Still Got My Chain [Frozen face emoji] Moral Of Da Story Is Y’all Too Little [3 Laughing emojis]

He reacted after it happened on his Instagram story, again mocking the people who ran up on him for not taking his newly bought chain, and responding to his friend’s comments under his post.

Cash was only recently released from prison, and also spent a lot of time serving various prison sentences throughout the peak of Chicago Drill music’s popularity a few years back.

[Beat: @JulioHardaway –] (@1:55 Footage Credit: ZackTV, RIP Zack)