NLMB member Maurice Harris, AKA NoLimit WetEmUp, has had all charges against him dropped and will be a free man again soon.

We previously reported on the charges against WetEmUp back in April of 2017. WetEmUp was accused of and charged with involvement in a multiple shooting incident which fatally injured 4 men at around 3:30pm on March 30th 2017 at Nadia’s Fish and Chicken near 75th and Coles in the South Shore neighbourhood of Chicago. At the time multiple eyewitnesses pointed the finger at WetEmUp as the “only shooter” in that incident.

After his conviction, his defence team were said to have uncovered “more and more evidence to show that Harris could not have been the shooter and that the witness identifications weren’t credible”.

At a hearing on Wednesday June 17th all 24+ charges against WetEmUp were dropped due to “several” unreliable witness identifications which “didn’t make any sense”, and authorities said evidence against WetEmUp was “insufficient to meet our burden of proof”. He was originally charged with the crimes less than a week after the shootings occurred, with Police alleging the incident was a revenge attack after the murder of WetEmUp’s father Jerry Jacobs on the previous day.

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