Chicago rapper Lil Jay’s cousin Harry J went live on Sunday night to reveal that Lil Jay is set to be released from behind bars within the next few months.


In the Live video on his Instagram page (@rockstarharryj) Harry J claimed that the paperwork for Lil Jay’s release has already been processed, and said that the rapper will be released in early 2022. He said that the next time his face will be seen it will be alongside his cousin, and promised to reveal some big plans for collaborations and other moves related to Lil Jay’s return. One of these plans includes a reaction channel where Lil Jay would watch and react to some of the HipHop news and music he has missed while incarcerated.

At one point Harry hinted that Jay would be looking to squash some beef he has with other artists, and revealed that Lil Jay has at least one unreleased collab with Young Pappy.

This is not the 1st time Lil Jay and his relatives have spoken of his coming release so it’s expected some fans will be more sceptical than others when hearing this news. Both Lil Jay himself via an audio call and Harry J had both previously claimed Lil Jay should have been released by the end of the year 2020, as we previously reported.

Lil Jay was locked up back in early 2015 on charges relating to an alleged incident in Calumet City, Illinois in that same year. He has remained behind bars ever since his arrest, and if he is released by April of next year he will have served 7 whole years.