Chicago’s Lil Reese recently got into a dispute with Brooklyn rapper and SniperGang signee 22Gz after 22Gz criticised Reese for showing weapons while on Instagram live with federal informant Tekashi 6IX9INE.

22Gz tweeted indirectly about Reese & Reese responded saying “Be direct or u a bitch”, before directly mentioning 22Gz and warning him to stop “sneak dissing”. 22Gz then responded to Reese’s mention mocking him with laughing emojis and saying he won’t follow through with anything he’s threatening to do.

The Brooklyn rapper then posted twice more in response to Reese, claiming he punched Quando Rondo in the face during a previous dispute when they met at a building belonging to an unknown record label.

Reese declined to respond again directly, simply choosing to tweet ‘Anyway GDk’ & retweeting a fan’s post quoting a King Von lyric about FBG Wooski.

22Gz deleted one of his first responses before going on to call out Lil Reese again, threatening to “beat [him] the f**k up” & calling him a “Dick rider”. He also reposted a classic movie clip from ‘Friday’, saying “Put ya gun down son and get knocked out like ya father used to”.