Former 600 affiliates Tay Capone (Tay600) & Edai once again bumped heads on Twitter on Thursday [4/9/2020] after Tay tagged Edai in clips from some old interviews.

Tay tagged Edai in interview clips from ZackTV (RIP) & VladTV which painted him in a bad light, including incorrectly saying L’A Capone “came around in 2013/2014” when L’A died in 2013 (@0:11).

Edai made jokes about Tay snitching once again in his response, referencing G Herbo’s ‘Everything’ (@1:41) and saying “The internet don’t care if you a snitch only the streets do y’all gotta remember that [Sleeping face Emoji]” (@2:54).

Tay apologised for starting their latest dispute on his Instagram story, saying he “went threw a lot of years of social abuse and Fugazy s***” & believes “In eye for a[n] eye” and will be “dishing dat s*** back out when I see fit” (@0:53), so we can probably expect more Twitter beef from these two in the future.

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